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So cool, so cool, so cooooool!!! :squee: :eager:
Thu May 21, 2015, 3:36 PM
Hi, nice art you have here! :D
Wed Feb 25, 2015, 2:29 PM


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Detailed digital painting
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Medusa by Kaizoku-himePirate empress Boa Hancock by Kaizoku-hime
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photo study by Kaizoku-himerequest: portrait by Kaizoku-himethe struggle by Kaizoku-hime
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Fan-art Friday: Akagami no Shanks by Kaizoku-himeNakama! speedpaint... sort of by Kaizoku-himeRed Hawk, A tribute to the fire fist. take #2 by Kaizoku-hime

#watch forever

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 19, 2015, 7:23 AM

ohaaai! :squee:  

-I dare say this will be the longest future in history!-

so after my lately more negative posts and rants I thought it was time for something positive again! And what's not positive in featuring and admiring other artists! :eager:

There has been this massive wave of journals going round with the #watchforever tag showing artists you have been watching and admiring and will keep on watching and admiring. So I am gonna do just that! :typerhappy: even though I have "only" been here for 2 and a half year=] I am not gonna be spamming you with all my watches as I admire A LOT of people x]

So here are some lovely artists I think you should have at least checked out once..:iconluffylaplz:


:iconabz-j-harding: one of my earlier watches, I started watching her because of her Naruto fanart but her art matured and I love her non fan-arts as much as I love her fan-arts. I especially enjoy her linework.
Many things you were by Abz-J-HardingSo you still draw dragons? by Abz-J-HardingEmerge to Amber by Abz-J-Harding:Kakashi:Ketsurui: by Abz-J-Harding


:iconapfelgriebs: she is so ff-ing amazing :iconinloveplz: I remember seeing one of her work on some other site then DA a couple of years back. when I found her on DA it was an instant +watch. her use of color and texturing is so advanced.
Girl on Fire by apfelgriebsMaster Yoda by apfelgriebsI'm an agent of chaos. by apfelgriebs


:iconbiwervincent: One of my more recent watches. he has a great eye for composition and tonal settings. and is really eager to become better and better. I love that about him.
Battle by BiwerVincentsketches 12 by BiwerVincentProtecting the queen by BiwerVincent


:iconbronart: If you love traditional art you should definitely check out bronarts work. her gallery consists of amazing traditional works from toned paper studies to oil-paints. her strongest point for me definitely is her eye for lightning and mood setting.
Sketch by bronartDetail shot from work in progress by bronartStudy by bronart


:iconconceptcookie: Master of tutorials and studies.
Exercise 31 Results: Creature Feature Step by Step by ConceptCookieHand and Fingers Resource Tutorial by ConceptCookieExercise 22 Results: Familiar Faces by ConceptCookie


:iconcoupleofkooks: also one of my more recent watches, color understanding and composition heaven.
Speedpaints: Game of Thrones II by coupleofkooksDA:I Krem by coupleofkooksDA:I Dorian by coupleofkooksSpeedpaint: The Nameless One by coupleofkooks


:icondanarart: this started of as a rather silly watch:p I liked his work sure enough but didn't pay that much attention to it. I was quite new to DA and I saw someone from the Netherlands, with a name that resembled my real name. I was like "oh cool, +watch" it was untill a few months later I really started paying attention to his amazing work. Great understanding of composition and colour/lighting.
World War by DanarArtDesert Walker by DanarArtGirl sketch by DanarArt


:icondaviddeb: that detail :drool: one of my more earlier watches. there was a time I tried to fav his entire gallery. I gave up on that task=D
A Song of Fire by DavidDebNarnia by DavidDebSpock by DavidDebHappy New Year 2015 by DavidDeb


:iconelsevilla: His gallery is so colourfull :heart: there is this lovely mixture between sexy/mature and cute and feminine illustrations.
Tongue Skinned by elsevillaDreams can be Blue by elsevillaCherries Aint Vegan by elsevillaSirena vuelve al mar by elsevilla


:iconescume: Mindblowing portraits.
Underwood by escumeBlood Sister by escumeSoul Breather by escumeCamouflage by escume


:iconfalvie: :iconexcitedblushplz: I present to you. COLOR! yes omg yes.
Blow Out by falvieAmaterasu by falvieThe Littlest Tiger by falvie


:iconfeimo: also one of my older watches. So classy and detailed :heart:

Happy Lantern Festival(Sien nui yau wan 2) by feimoTian Ce by feimoKung Fu Panda 2-Lord Shen by feimo


:icongrandmathunderpants: I wish I had the money to buy her entire gallery it's just to much cool stuff.
Attack on Titan Necklace Set by GrandmaThunderpantsIwatobi Swim Club Necklaces by GrandmaThunderpantsKoi Pond Necklace by GrandmaThunderpants


:iconhoooook: another freshly added watch. His work feels so classical and mature. It has a certain depth in it.
Hoooook-1 by hoooook22-9 by hoooook.. by hoooook

:iconhuachui: her work is so unbelievably sweet and sophisticated. it feels so genuine and soft she is one of my older watches and I keep on coming back to her gallery every so often. she also has grown A lot the last couple of years.
narcissus by huachuicamellia by huachuiVoices from The Ruins by huachui


:iconimaginateartwork: he is such an inspiration. one of my first watches that had more scenery kind of paintings in his gallery. 
The Observatory by ImaginateArtworkThe Observatory 2 by ImaginateArtworkThe Observatory 3 by ImaginateArtwork

:iconiya-chen: An artist I feel that is truly comfortable with her skills and style. I can't even begin to start describing what I think is amazing about her work.
Hey Brother by iya-chenTokyo Ghoul by iya-chenProsper by iya-chenForest of Magic by iya-chen


:iconjiyu-kaze: master of form and value.
Ice cream by Jiyu-Kazefreya crescent final fantasy 9 by Jiyu-KazeAvalon by Jiyu-Kaze


:iconjyoujo: such soft and sweet photographs truly capturing the mystics of nature in Japan. 
an Oyster , a Pearl by jyoujowhite day by jyoujoechoes and anchors by jyoujo


:iconkelogsloops: then there are these artist that even though they inspire you you feel this pang of healthy jealousy. Kelogsloops is such a young artist yet her gallery is so unbelievably breathtaking not only showing you a personal signature but going beyond that and showing skill and passion in all of her work be it her watercolors or her digital paintings. she is absolutely amazing and an inspiration to young and old artists all over the world.
The Little Mermaid: Part of Your World by kelogsloopsThe Red Hood by kelogsloopsInto the Blue by kelogsloopsFade into Serenity by kelogsloops


:iconkr0npr1nz: I believe all artists have a top 3/10 of all time favorite artists. ilya is in my personal top 3. I can't stop loving his work. Every single drawing he uploads (in a ridiculous time span) is high quality and a little masterpiece in my eyes. it is very inspirational. he is getting a lot of hate for his reference usage. while in my eyes he is one of the few artists that is actually using references how you should use them. 
Halcyon by KR0NPR1NZHelmet by KR0NPR1NZRaven by KR0NPR1NZ


:iconlen-yan: again one that doesn't need explanation.
hope by len-yanperseus by len-yanmaehwa by len-yancrystal set by len-yan

:iconloish: we all love or should love Loish. I already enjoyed her work. though after listening to an interview and paying attention to her more recent works I fell in love all over again with her gallery. An artist from the same country, I look up to, and someone who is for me a milestone. I really want to get to the same skill level as her.
silence by loishsunset by loishbreathe by loishbirch tree by loishaquaforest by loish


:iconmarcinwuu: Best. portrait. photographer. ever. PERIOD.
Kunoichi by marcinwuuLeave the Past Behind by marcinwuuPainting with light by marcinwuuStainless by marcinwuu


:iconmoiscen: traditional master. also a really old watch one of my first even=D the only person that I feel ever was capable of capturing the out of this world look of sebastian michaelis on paper next to the original mangaka :heart:
SNK: Marco Bott by MoiscenLong Distance by MoiscenKuroshitsuji: Sebastian Michaelis by MoiscenFall to Pieces by Moiscen


:iconnegshin: Fabric, faces, water master.

Will You Join Me? by NegshinReflection of you by NegshinDrift Away by Negshin


:iconnippori: animation heaven. not only great animation but also hilarious situations.

miku dance alpha by nipporimeiko round by nipporiDancing MEIKO by nipporiMeikobalanceball by nipporistudy003 by nippori


:iconolggah: hyper realistic naruto portraits.
Shikaku Nara by OlggahSasuke by OlggahMadara Uchiha by OlggahKaguya Ootsutsuki by Olggah


:iconpoojipoo: another great animator and conceptartist.

Naruto vs Sasuke II - WIP03 by poojipooLichdom: Battlemage effects test by poojipoo
Grey Goo Firmament trailer process by poojipooConcept Prompt #01 by poojipoo

:iconpaweluchorczak: abosolutely mesmerizing landscape photography, great compositions.
Secret Place by PawelUchorczakMoravia by PawelUchorczakWanderer above sea of fog by PawelUchorczakDead Lake by PawelUchorczakDynamic Baltic by PawelUchorczakAutumm Tractor by PawelUchorczak


:iconqinni: yet another great animator (and illustrator)
Dryad by QinniHello there... by Qinni


:iconreicheran: recently found artist that I greatly look upto. amazing understanding of composition, space, form, texture etc etc. and a very promising set of animations.
Temple nest by ReicheranJhator by ReicheranBakeneko by Reicheran

-s- (I have WAY to many artists I am watching starting with s omg I will pick a few from this haha)

:iconselenada: great colors.
The Tree of Wishes by SelenadaHappy Birthday Jenny!! *Magic Forest* by Selenada
Comely Efflorescence by Selenada


:iconshuukaku92: my dearest little sister whom I am very proud of. not only is she crazy intelligent (she should become a writer). she also has a fair skill-set for drawing. I especially am fond of her line-art, clothing and eye for detail.
Anime Portrait: Ciel Phantomhive by Shuukaku92Request: Helena by Shuukaku92Your Favourite Bartenders by Shuukaku92Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin by Shuukaku92Kneel to the Twin Kings by Shuukaku92Landscape Practice by Shuukaku92Rising Sun by Shuukaku92


:iconskunkyfly: these two are just TOOOOOOOO adorable omg I wish I could pinch their cheeks. they are so full of energy and are super active in the community always kindly and enthusiastically interacting with their admirers I only recently found out it where two persons sharing one account. There gallery is impressive overloading you with colors and fun and cuteness without it being annoying and overly girly. I absolutely adore these girls.
Tale of Haybravion:: catch that storm dragon by SkunkyflyNC:: Spring Is Come by Skunkyfly[A-K] New Morning Day! by Skunkyfly


:icontincek-marincek: yet another crazy good young artist.

S U L I H by tincek-marincekForest's Beauty by tincek-marincekHOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy by tincek-marincek


:iconturst67: my newest watch. absolutely breathtaking gifs. an artist that definitely deserves way more credit and aknowledgement.

Gif - Souvenir by turst67Gif - Running through the rain by turst67GIF - Cascade by turst67GIF - Lazy cat by turst67


:iconuchuubranko: and another super young crazy great artist uchuu not only being super skilled but also a really kind person and being very active in the community. I absolutely love uchuu :iconinloveplz:
hungry tears, ghoul heart by uchuubrankoblue wings by uchuubrankolost by uchuubrankonatsu ka shii no ka ito shii no ka itai no ka by uchuubranko


:iconvictorgarciapq: landscape master


:iconwlop: next to Kr0npr1nz is wlop another top 3 artist of mine. I love his brushwork and his use of greys.
Hunt by wlophongkong by wlopSlum by wlopDaybreak by wlopTwins by wlop


:iconxbassxharmingx: another quite recent watch. GREAT photographer, brilliant eye for composotion and his editing giving them a small mythical/surreal hint.
The Golden Cauldron by xBassxHarmingxHunter Down II by xBassxHarmingxMy Fair Lady-Killer I/II by xBassxHarmingxThe Man with the X-Ray Vision by xBassxHarmingxThe House on Chimney Pot Lane by xBassxHarmingxThe Inner Eye by xBassxHarmingx


:iconyuumei: taking the throne in my top three together with kr0npr1nz and Wlop. my absolute number 1 favorite modern artist.
Guilty by yuumeiThe Raven by yuumeiConnection by yuumeiDread by yuumeiBlue Planet by yuumei


I aren't watching an artist with the letter z O.O any suggestions?=D

I highly recommend making a #watchforever journal I rediscovered my personal taste and what has changed in the last couple of years in how I look at art in general.

So writing this journal took me 3 hours. ffs I took the day off to work on projects damn you brain what where you thinking omg. 

:heart: Dana

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CSS by moonfreak
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Fan-art Friday: The Walking Dead by Kaizoku-hime
Fan-art Friday: The Walking Dead
Okay so I apologize for the lack of detail in this one or actually I just think it doesn't look right at all xD but the paper was 50x65cm and I was working on a school table that was horizontal so I had to bow all over it while looking at the reference... I am actually quite proud it isn't more confusing and wonky:p but I didn't want to skip another Fanart Friday D:

I am in the middle of moving and it has been such a stressful week! My s.o had to work overtime as well and we had to make all kind of arrangements. I just want to sleepCry forever I can't wait till next week to finally move in together with my bf, in our new, own, apartment with my kitties <3 so I never have to travel 5 hours a day again when I have school Gloomy on a side note. My bf finally got me into the walking dead which I had been avoiding all this time. Even though I find it awefully cliché I can't help but craving the next episode all day long! (I am only in the middle of season 2 though so if ya spoil something I will hunt you down in your sleep!) obviously I love Daryl's character most.:squee:
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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke

XxXHolic by lorienculurienAnime Is Art by sambeesHalf Prince Stamp by just-a-web-artistVampire Knight Stamp. by EliananWatashi ni xx Shinasai Stamp by Akimi-Chan15Mirai Nikki stamp oo1 by Kaze-yoAnother - Stamp. by x-CaffeineZakuro Stamp by TailswimTellaDeath Note stamp by nekyakuroshitsuji stamp by xSYNNcereBlood+ : Saya Stamp by Harumi-ChanPsycho-Pass Stamp by Lunar--Fang:thumb284338748:Bakuman stamp by uchiha-itachi111Claymore Fan Stamp by NikaleenaThe Last Unicorn Dev Stamp by EllideggNaruto Lover Stamp by Immature-Child02Dragonball Stamp by FumiikaClannad After Story OP Stamp by currryHellsing Ultimate Stamp by LinkMasterXPOne Piece Strawhats Stamp by ZochoSkip Beat ::: Love Me by KiwiChameleon



I missed this fan-art friday D: I was super SUPER busy! but on towards good things... which I will notify my watcher of soon=D as for making up for today! next week 2(ohgodwhyamidoingthistomyself) yes 2! fan-arts on 1 friday=] 

10 deviants said yay! :iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3:
No deviants said :o


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